A recent jaunt to Chicago's Wicker Park/Logan Square hood
left me wanting more! Here is Jetleg's "hit it" list!

Jam Restaurant is a great place to start you adventure. Everything on the brunch menu is delish. This chef driven establishment prides itself in using pure ingredients.

Sprout Home is a gardener's paradise! There is even something for those who's thumb may not be, well so green. Favorites include stylish Swedish dish towels, recycled utility box terrariums and endless varieties of succulents in sleek planters!
P.S. They also have a store in Brooklyn NY!

Crust is not your typical Chicago style pie. A focus on wood-oven flat bread topped with wild mushrooms, goat cheese, baby spinach, and lemon vinaigrette. Wash it all down with some house-made organic vodka infusions! Amazing!

The Silver Room is a fantastic space which combines a variety of jewelery, fashion and accessories, most of which are produced by local designers with an art gallery. Hipsters will love their wall of inexpensive yet super cool sunglasses!

The T-Shirt Deli is a super fun shop where you can have made-to-order custom shirts, aprons or bags. You may want to ask them to hold the onions!

Paperdoll's huge selection of handcrafted cards, stationary and gifts will have you browsing and thinking....hmmm who can I buy THIS for? If you are not completely charmed by their unique selection chances are Maude the live-in house pug will!

Mark your calendar:
-Bucktown Art Festival (August 29-30)
-Logan Square Farmer's Market (Sundays, June-October)
-Renegade Craft Fair (Sept 12-13) Keep your eyes posted for one of our favorite vendors The Poster List
-Fashion Focus Chicago (Oct 22-25)

Daniel MacKinnon