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Detroit is known for many things, food has not always been one of them. Until now. A recent weekend spent in the motor city had me jumping from meal to meal and smiling each time

Yes I expected that there would be some decent food but my expectations were limited to some pizza and coney dogs. Was I in for a huge wake up. Detroit is not only full of wonderful restaurants with outstanding food, it's a city reinventing and re-imagining itself. Here are a few spots not to miss:

Breakfast: Rosie's Fine Food
An fantastic place to start your day. The food at Rosie's is top-notch and all of the baked goods are made in-house. Their food is sourced (where possible) locally and they pay their staff a fair "living wage".

Lunch:  Sister Pie
Who says you can't have pie for lunch... certainly not me. Sister Pie's are seasonal and during my visit the menu included: Salted Maple, Toasted Marshmallow Butterscotch, Strawberry Pistachio Crumble and Rhubarb Buttermilk Rye. Their owner Lisa, worked at the famed Momofuku in NYC before returning to back to her hometown of Detroit. Sweet!

Dinner: Gold Cash Gold
One visit to this converted pawnshop and you'll know you've struck gold. Their menu offers up delicious plate after plate of (again) locally sourced ingredients. Starters include items such as burrata with pepper jam and grilled sourdough or a beautiful seasonal asparagus salad with shaved radish and mixed herbs. The mains include a mouthwatering Harissa marinated ribeye or a tender braised pork with green chili sauce. This place is sure to leave nothing but a good taste in your mouth.

Drinks: The Sugar House
A cozy artisanal cocktail bar which offers up an endless drink menu. Craft drinks include handmade juices, house syrups, and shurbs. This quality and attention to detail truly leaves you with a lasting impression.


Daniel MacKinnon