48 hours to explore Vienna...yikes now this will be a challenge. Well before the plane touched down I knew it wasn't going to be easy. Dripping in tradition and culture this city hosts over 300 formal balls a year. I'm told that during that time it's not unusual to spot people in the streets decked out in ball gowns and tuxedos noshing on late night snacks...…sausage anyone? Old meets new,… sounds like my kind of city.
Here's the breakdown of what I got to see and do…...start your engines.

The Grand Ferdinand Hotel
In a city full of old world grandeur this hotel is establishing a new modern take on luxury. The buildings 1950's architecture celebrates it mid-century design. Large windows allow lot's of natural lighting along with open and airy floor plans. You'll welcome the warm natural touches of wood, marble and leather, especially in the rooms which make them feel extra cozy. The beds are so comfy you will have a hard time not wanted to leave!

Located in a former tailoring and textiles shop this boutique specializes in international heritage and street wear brands from America, Japan and Europe.
Beate Von Harten
A wonderful place where the art of textile is celebrated. Pieces can be commissioned or if you have the time, sign up for a weaving course. Every item is unique and and and a true work of art.
Established in 1903, this hat shop is continues to keep relevant with their designs. Every season the company's three designers create a collection that is current, detailed and of the highest quality.

Chocolate is everywhere in Vienna…however Demel is the absolute grand dame of chocolate shops. Their confectionery delights are legendary and well worth their premium price.
Cafe Central
Vienna has a historic cafe culture which many claim dates back to the mid 16th century.
One of the most legendary institutions is Cafe Central which opened in 1876. Sit and enjoy not only an impressive coffee and cake menu but also a remarkable arched ceiling interior.
Restaurant Steirereck
The city's only michelin two starred restaurant is sure to impress. Located within the beautiful Stadtpark, this formal establishment serves unparalleled traditional and international cuisine

St. Stephen's Cathedral
This medieval cathedral has the most beautiful and unusual tiled roofs. For impressive views hike up to the top of the North tower…it's worth the hustle.
This beautiful park was the original palace gardens. It's a wonderful place to wander and perhaps spend the afternoon with a bottle of wine…or two.
Schönbrunn Palace
The former imperial summer residence is truly impressive. This Baroque palace with close to 1500 rooms is some of Europe's most beautiful architecture. The grounds have not only a huge and lavish park but also houses it's own zoo.

Daniel MacKinnon