If your version of paradise includes turquoise seas, soft powder-like sand and balmy breezes, look no further than Tahiti. This archipelago of 118 islands in French Polynesia has long
seduced travellers with its rich culture, breathtaking scenery and relaxed lifestyle. Glow explores what not to miss in this tropical playground.

For many people, Tahiti is simply a jumpingoff point for other, more remote islands.
But with so much to offer, why not take the time to explore it? Start with an invigorating
hike through a lush valley full of waterfalls, wildflowers and breathtaking vistas. Blink and
you'll swear you've been dropped into a scene from Jurassic Park. And sun worshippers won't
want to miss the only black sand beach in the entire archipelago. So take a few days (or
weeks!) to unwind and experience everything this gorgeous island has to offer.

This beautiful property boasts acres of landscaped gardens and
tropical plants. At night, drift off to sleep in one of the hotel's stunning rooms, each with a view
of the beach. Pamper yourself in the spa and take advantage of wonderful treatments like
the body wrap, which mixes mineral-rich black sand with locally grown papaya, known for its
antioxidant properties.

Les Roulottes Vai'ete Square, in the capital city, Papeete, comes alive at night
with a range of food trucks serving up some delicious fare. Sample an artisanal pizza,
a mouth-watering crepe or the local favourite, Poisson Cru, which features fresh local tuna
tossed with coconut milk, cucumber, tomatoes and lime juice. One bite and you'll be hooked.

Located in the centre of Papeete, this vibrant market has been around for 155 years. Be sure
to stockpile some local vanilla or beautiful handcarved items made from indigenous woods,
which make fantastic gifts.

Moorea is just a short ferry ride away from Tahiti. The island is blessed with fern-covered mountains and white sand beaches. Whether you spend your
time exploring laid-back villages where locals greet you with warm smiles or snorkelling with
friendly stingrays in the emerald-green water, you're sure to enjoy every second.

The only problem with staying here is that you might never want to leave. Bungalow rooms spill out onto a stunning lagoon, allowing you to swim off your own private pier or have breakfast delivered via traditional flower-covered outrigger canoe. If you
can't land a bungalow, don't fret. Rooms are also sprinkled among tropical gardens and many boast their own private pools. Snorkel, chill in the spa or
take in a traditional Tahitian evening dance show.

This small French restaurant adds some Chinese and local Tahitian dishes to the mix. It's a perfect
spot for a casual and relaxing dinner.

A trip to Tahiti couldn't be easier to plan. Learn about each island's unique characteristics on this
site: one click and you'll have all the information you need to plan your trip to paradise.
Getting there is half the fun...and that's especially true when flying Air Tahiti Nui. The airline offers
the same warmth and hospitality you'll encounter on the islands. With daily flights from Los Angeles, it is the most comfortable and convenient way to kick off your trip.

Daniel MacKinnon