Looking for a walk (or swim) on the wild side, perhaps a nude beach is worth a shot?
For many, there is nothing more freeing or liberating than dawning their birthday suit among the surf and sand. If your curious or bashful perhaps checking out a nude beach on a vacation is an ideal time. There is little chance you will bump into a co-worker or friend.
Here are some of the best places around the world to dawn your buns in the sun.

 Montalivet Beach, France
This beach has been around since the 1950’s making it one of France’s oldest nude beaches. People not only enjoy the beauty of this sandy beach with its “family friendly” area but also its close proximity to the many luxury resorts.

Es Trenc Majorca, Spain
This beautiful stretch of white sand beach has gained popularity over the last few years, however, the nude area, in the centre of the beach, seems to offer some relief from the crowds.

Haulover Beach, Miami
Haulover Beach Park, just North of Miami, is a rare bird as it is a US government-run clothing-optional beach. Amenities offered include clean bathrooms, lifeguards and even change rooms…no wonder it sees more than 7,000 visitors a day in peak summer season. This pristine stretch of sand is considered the one of top nudist beaches in the world.

Plage Linguizzetta, Corsica
Plage Linguizzetta is the longest nude beach in Corsica… a stunning stretch of over four kilometres. A nudist resort, located right in the heart of the beach, offers sunbathers loads of amenities.

Lighthouse Beach, Islip, New York
New Yorkers are known to flee the city summer heat, but many end up shedding their clothes as well. Where do they end up? You guessed it…Fire Island! Lighthouse Beach is the place to be and to be seen, even if all your wearing is your birthday suit.

Wenningstedt-Braderup, Sylt, Germany
Wenningstedt-Braderup is located on the German North Sea island of Sylt. This wide and spacious beach is as part of Germany’s FKK, (Free Body Culture) a movement promoting people’s right to live life in the nude.

Hanlan’s Point, Toronto Canada
Just a short ferry ride from downtown drops you off on a scenic and sandy lakeside stretch of clothing optional beach. Enjoy the dunes and trees, which offer extra privacy and a rare swimmable beach for a city as large as Toronto.

Agesta Beach, Stockholm, Sweden
A liberal mix of family and friends congregate in Stockholm’s official nude beach. Enjoy the many amenities including restrooms, play areas, picnic tables and barbeques. Tip: watch out for sparks!

Gunnison Beach, Middletown, New Jersey
Self-proclaimed as the best nude beach on the American East Coast, keep your eyes open for all the nude guidos and guidettes. Another plus is the beach’s easy proximity to New York City!

Praia do Pinho Balneário Camboriú, Brazil
Praia do Pinho's is located 50 miles north of Florianopolis and claims to be the first naturalist beach in Brazil. You should be aware that being nude here is not an option and there are no single male visitor’s allowed. So make sure you bring along your gal-pal.

Little Beach, Maui Hawaii
Officially nude sunbathing is illegal in Hawaii however the law has not been enforced for years. This stunning and isolated strand of beach is perfect for both swimming and surfing. Keep your eyes open as well for passing wales which migrate off the coast.

Samurai Beach, Australia
Located just a few hour’s drive north of Sydney, this stunning stretch of beach is where active nudists let it all hang out. Note that getting to the actual beach proves some tricky terrain, so do be careful.

Baker Beach, San Francisco
Not wanting to commit to a full beach vacation, Baker beach might be the answer. Located just outside of San Francisco, this beach offers stunning panoramic views of the the Golden Gate Bridge, making it extremely popular with tourists and photographers. For privacy, head to the most northern part of the beach. Please note that the surf is very strong so swimming is not a good idea.

Club Orient, St. Martin
Yes, this is a “family friendly” nude resort. Many consider this the most beautiful clothing-optional choices in the Caribbean. They even offer a clothing optional day cruise…don’t forget to pack your sunscreen!

Moshup Beach, Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts
Martha’s Vineyard is best known as a beautiful getaway for the moneyed elite. However, the island does have a wild side, a small but well visited nude beach called Moshup beach. The beach is a short jaunt down the trail sitting below the stunning Gay Head Cliffs.

Valalta, Rovinj, Croatia
A haven for Naturalists who rule and run the entire two-mile beach and marina in this area. This mini resort area offer a nude campsite, pool, bungalow rentals…. even an impressive selection of nude restaurants, cafés and bars.

Paradise Beach, Gokarna, India
Yes, you heard it correct…a nude beach in India! Simply a short boat ride away from Gokarna’s Om beach is a secluded and beautiful beach hidden away for your clothing-optional pleasure.

Daniel MacKinnon