Byron and Dexter Peart are co-founders of the Canadian cult accessories brand Want Les Essentiels de la Vie. They carved out a few minutes from their jet-set schedule to give some insight about their travel inspired designs.

Architecture seems to have a large influence in your designs. Is there a city or place which you would consider a muse?
Considering that we source much of our inspiration from industrial and architectural design, we consider Habitat 67 (in Montreal), where we both live with our families, to be one of our muses. It was designed by Moshe Safdie for the World’s Fair in 1967, and over the years it’s continued to stay relevant and iconic. We aim to design products with these values that withstand the test of time.

You call Montreal home. What’s the hook that keeps you there?
We are originally from Ottawa and we relocated to Montreal after graduating from university.
Montreal is just so full of life and culturally rich. It’s also very much a local scene, where we support each other–it will always be a special city to us.

Do you have a travel style? If so how would you describe it?
Only pack the essentials. We also believe in dressing for the occasion. Stylish ensembles, well-tailored pieces and of course, comfortable, luxurious accessories--such as a cashmere scarf and socks–are a must.

Do you have a “must have” bag in your collection that everyone needs for their next trip?
Our Kastrup Backpack, hands-down. It’s a chic utility piece, perfect for the plane or for exploring a new city.

What is the most amazing place you have ever visited and why?
We’ve been to many amazing places, but Round Hill, Jamaica is our favorite destination. We go with our families whenever we can.  In our minds, there is no better place to relax and unwind. It’s become a home away from home.

What destination have you not yet visited but would like to?
We’ve been traveling back and forth to Japan for seven years now. Every time we go, we feel so inspired, but we’ve only ever been to Tokyo. We would absolutely love to visit Kyoto next.

Most underrated destination?/ Most overrated destination?
We don’t really believe there are any “overrated” or “underrated” destinations, it’s all about what you make of your travel experience. Each place has its own unique atmosphere, and each has something unique that can be discovered.

What was your most transformative travel experience?
South Africa was a very eye-opening and life-changing experience. Definitely one of the most interesting places we have ever traveled.

What do you think travel can teach people?
We feel that travel takes you out of your daily routine and allows you to discover, experience and explore a new environment.  Each journey offers us the opportunity to be inspired, motivated and reflect on new cultures, languages and simply meeting new people. Ultimately, travel leads to open-mindedness, compassion and transformation.

Daniel MacKinnon