Packing can be the least fun part of a trip. Knowing how to do it properly can save you stress and perhaps even some money. Time to call in the expert and see how it's done. Who better to ask than an editor. Ingrie Williams is the Beauty & Style Director at Best Health magazine, as well as a freelance stylist and writer who has worked with big names such as model Herieth Paul and soon to be royalty Meghan Markle!

Jetlegs: What is the best way to be more efficient when packing?
Ingrie Williams: I'm a visual person so I like to see everything all laid out. Throwing things randomly into a suitcase is not a situation that's happening! I like to organize my travel wardrobe by outfits, and literally plan out what I'll wear during the day for whatever outing may be on the itinerary. Then I plan a small rotation of evening looks. I try to max out pieces, so bringing the jeans that work with all the footwear options I'm bringing vs a pair that's only good with booties, for example. Beauty-wise, I have a bag of travel-size bottles and containers at the ready for re-fills as needed.

JL:  Any advice on how to make sure your clothing looks it’s best once you arrive?
IW: I pack clothing in folded layers so things are less creased on arrival, and use cloth duster bags for delicate items such as a pleated dress. On the way back it's a different story, rolling items to maximize suitcase space is where it's at!

JL: How do you balance comfort and style esp when travelling
IW: I think the key is to mix in polished pieces and add luxe touches where you can. I have a silk collared tunic that I love for travel, it's not fussy but a step up from a basic t-shirt.

JL: What are your go-to travel pieces?
IW: A stylish layering piece and a big printed scarf are essentials. An amazing jacket goes a long way, adding polish to anything – such as the default travel companion that is leggings. And the accessory elevates a look, plus doubles as a pillow or blanket when en route.

JL:  Any tips on how do we make sure there is room left in our bag for those have souvenirs?
IW: If you're already paying for luggage and don't have to trek it around too much I say take the bigger suitcase! You'll feel like a genius once it's full of global goodies. If that's a no-go, aim to pack items you can mix and match, and/or take one less outfit - you really won't miss it. Truth: I also always pack an additional large tote bag (or duffle) that folds up flat and can double as carry-on. That way if I do need some extra space I can re-shuffle. And I always pack a few extra Ziploc bags and heavy duty plastic shopping bags, which come in very handy when you're bringing back leakable things like face oil, food stuffs and wine.

JL:  How do you ensure you arrive at your destination (after an overnight flight) looking amazing?
IW: Hydrate! Hydrate! Hydrate! I choose a super moisturizing mask rather than traditional moisturizer and slather on Dermalogica Skin Hydrating Masque on the regular during long-haul flights. And I make good use of a refreshing face mist, like Graydon Face Food Mineral Mist, too. On touch down, I bust out concealer and highlighter to even out my skin tone and fake a fresh-from-biz-class glow.

JL: What is your fav travel destination and why?
IW: My answer is Italy, and that's 90% because of the food...and wine.

JL: What are your key items in your carry-on?
IW: A sleeping mask, a book and a magazine (viva la print!), beauty essentials, scarf, headphones and gum.

JL: What is your favourite souvenir?
IW: Currently, it's my custom robe from Jennifer’s Hamam in Istanbul, Turkey. Walking into her showroom gave me all the textile feels, and they whipped it up for me in less than 24 hours. It's a perfect timeless graphic weave and punchy colour, feels amazing every time I put it on and I know I'll have it for a very, very long time. Highly recommend. AND she's Canadian. J'adore!

JL: Where would you like to visit next?
IW: I will never say no to a beach trip (hello Bali!) but I also have Japan on the brain. Also: all of the places. The more I travel, the more I want to see and experience. It's a priceless treat to be able to travel anywhere, really.

From France to Kenya to Istanbul and back again. Ingrie Williams show us how to pack like an expert.

Photo Credits: Main photo: Genevieve Charbonneau. Carousel: First and fifth photos: Emily Hall

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